Magazine Management


No, that’s not the title of a business course I’m taking at night school; it’s the name of Marvel Comics’ founder Martin Goodman’s publishing company in the 1960s. In addition to Marvel Comics (and Atlas and Timely before that), he published a much larger line of men’s magazines (aptly nicknamed “men’s sweat mags”) that were the bulk of his success before the Marvel Universe took the world by storm. Roy Thomas is running the most exhaustive account of that side of Goodman’s business I’ve ever seen, in the upcoming ALTER EGO #66, out at the beginning of March. It’s written by David George, who was an editor for Goodman, and doesn’t mind telling it like it was. I just finished reading David’s recollections of his time working for Martin, and it’s phenomenal! If you’re a fan of 1960s Marvel Comics, you’ll be fascinated by his account of Goodman himself, and of how his other publishing enterprises intermingled with what Stan Lee was doing over at Marvel. This is just another example of the wonderful history that nobody but Roy is documenting, and I am really proud to be publishing it.