Mr. Beau jangles about us

Check it out:

A hearty THANKS to the magnificent Beau Smith, who took time to sing our praises, and to especially laud Back Issue #19. The man has great taste, obviously(!), cause BI #19 is one of the best issues we’ve ever published of anything. Editor Michael Eury and designer Rich Fowlks (and cover designer Robert Clark) all deserve the special attention, as do our regular contributors. It’s hard, hard, hard work putting out a mag like this on any schedule. To do it bi-monthly (without missing a deadline yet, in 20 issues) is even more challenging. And to keep it as entertaining and quality-oriented as you have to in order to get people of Beau’s stature raving about it, is just amazing. Thanks to all you guys for making TwoMorrows look so good!