New way to order our Digital Editions

For your convenience, we’ve now combined PRINT and DIGITAL ordering onto the same pages at our website. Just go to the description page for any item, and if a Digital Edition is available, you’ll see a menu at the bottom that says “What Format?”. Just choose DIGITAL ONLY, add it to your shopping cart, and checkout as usual. When you complete your order, the link to the DIGITAL EDITION will be on the confirmation page at checkout. (You may have to  scroll down to find it, depending on how big your computer screen is.)

Customers who order the Print versions of our magazines still get FREE access to the corresponding Digital Edition.

And if you’ve been looking closely, you may’ve noticed we’ve just added a LOT of Digital Editions of our older mags. There’s more to come, and by Jan. 1, we plan to have ALL our back issues available in digital form, with sold out BOOKS coming next. So tune in regularly to our site.

And look for our brand spankin’ new 2011 Catalog to be available at the first of the year. (Guess what I’ll be spending my Christmas vacation doing…)