New York Con looms

As each day we get a little closer to the New York Comic-Con, I’m filled with excitement and trepidation. We didn’t exhibit there last year, and after hearing all the horror stories about the overcrowding, it was kind of a blessing we didn’t. But the mess in ’06 just proves how we’ve finally, finally got a great NY convention to go to, and that’s wonderful news for the industry. The fact they they’ve already rented the entire Jacob Javits Center for next year does have me concerned that we may get a repeat of the crowding difficulties this year, but I guess it beats the alternative of a mostly empty exhibit hall! So TwoMorrows will be there in force on February 23 at booth 975. Look for Draw’s Mike Manley, Write Now’s Danny Fingeroth, Alter Ego’s Roy Thomas, Rough Stuff’s Bob McLeod, plus me, publisher John Morrow, all crammed into our double-booth, pressing the flesh with anyone who can squeeze through and find us! We’re also donating a small portion of our booth space for the Jack Kirby Museum ( in case you aren’t aware of it), so look for Museum president Rand Hoppe to be on hand to sign you up for membership.