News flash: Wizard magazine gone, TwoMorrows still here

Several news sites are reporting that Wizard Magazine (and companion mag Toyfare) have ceased publication. While that might’ve been huge news ten years ago, when they still ruled the roost,  it’s not that big a shock to me today, nor probably to many of our TwoMorrows customers. (Heck, a lot of the people who read TwoMorrows’s stuff may’ve thought Wizard died several years ago, as I don’t think there’s much overlap in our respective readership.)

It’s a tough landscape for the magazine industry these days. Titles are folding monthly, and even biggies like Newsweek are struggling to survive. But don’t worry; TwoMorrows is doing just fine. Unlike Wizard, we don’t focus on the “news” in comics, but on the “old” in comics. (I even considered launching a “news”-centric mag several years ago, but after much exploration and deliberation of the marketplace, decided the online news sites could always beat us by posting news as it happens—whereas even a monthly mag would be printing old news by the time it saw print.)

“Comics history” by its nature is already “old news,” and hardcore comics fans can’t get enough of it. Plus, we can document history just fine in print, and even better with a digital component like our current crop of Digital Editions.

So whether you read our books and mags on paper or an iPad screen, look forward to lots of the same OLD coverage of the good OLD days of comics coming from TwoMorrows (including some exciting announcements coming later in 2011). But hats off to Wizard for making it 20 years in print. I didn’t find that mag my personal cup of tea, but I’ve got to respect their longevity, and onetime influence in the comics medium.