Not So Free Comic Book Day


Just got samples of our Free Comic Book Day publication, COMICS 101, back from the printer, and it looks great! Now, for all of you who’ve pestered me about it: We will have a limited number of copies available for sale for people who weren’t able to get it at their local comic book shop. But if you can get it FREE from your local retailer, please do; you’ll save some cash, and get a chance to see what other great stuff they have to offer locally!

Our webmeister Rand Hoppe will have the listing updated shortly so you can preorder it, but copies will NOT be mailed until the week of May 7, after Free Comic Book Day—knowing how our readers hate to wait for stuff, that’s another great reason to get it locally!

The US postpaid price will be $2. If you’re in Canada, you’ll have to add $1, or $3 if you live anywhere else. (Yeah, I know that’s a lot for a “free” publication, but that basically covers our costs for printing, envelopes, and postage. Still, I think it’s well worth it; our editors really knocked themselves out on this one!)