NY Comicon Marvel Bullpen Panel

I’ve been asked by the fine folks who’re putting on the New York Comicon (http://www.nycomiccon.com) to host the 1960s Marvel Bullpen Panel, featuring Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Joe Sinnott, and Marie Severin. After pausing 8 seconds to pick myself off the floor, I immediately said “Yes”, before they could come to their senses and pick someone more knowledgeable or photogenic. Now the fun part; what questions can we ask these fine panelists that they haven’t been asked a million times before? Send your suggestions via email to twomorrow@aol.com and I’ll use the best of them during the panel, which we’ll likely run in the pages of an upcoming issue of ALTER EGO magazine. You know the routine; all questions become the property of TwoMorrows Publishing, so don’t, like, try to sue us if we use yours or something. But we will try to credit you if at all possible when we print it, so you’ll get rich and famous from the exposure. Or not.

The NY Con is Feb. 23-25, by the way, and TwoMorrows will be at booth 975. If you can squeeze through the throng of people certain to be crammed into the Jacob Javits Center, stop by and buy something!