NY Signings

If you’ll be in the Big Apple for the New York Comicon this weekend, be sure to stop by our booth (#975) and meet our editors. Here’s the signing schedule for Saturday:

Noon-1pm: Roy Thomas
1-2pm: Danny Fingeroth
2-3pm: Bob McLeod
3-4pm: Mike Manley

I’ll be at the booth most of the time Friday-Sunday, except on Saturday from 4-5pm, when I’ll be moderating this panel:

NYCC’S Behind the Panels: The 60’s Marvel Bullpen
Saturday, 4:00:00 PM in Room 1E12/13.
Under the direction of Stan Lee, Marvel Comics in the 1960s was one of the most remarkable creative workplaces in the history of the medium. Now join Stan Lee, Marie Severin, Roy Thomas, Ralph Macchio and Gene Colan for a look back at what the classic bullpen was really like, in a lively panel hosted by John Morrow.

And don’t be surprised if the Blue Beetle makes a special appearance at our booth, to help promote our upcoming book The Blue Beetle Companion. Will it be the Dan Garrett version? The Ted Kord version? Or DC’s newest incarnation? Stop by on Saturday and see!