Our Secret Half-price Book of the Month for May is HERO-A-GO-GO!

Michael Eury’s celebration of the camp heroes of the Swinging Sixties is a 272-page full-color Trade Paperback, full of go-go checks, nostalgic essays, histories, and theme song lyrics of classic 1960s characters like Captain Action, Herbie the Fat Fury, Captain Nice, Atom Ant, Scooter, ACG’s Nemesis, Dell’s super-Frankenstein and Dracula, the “split!” Captain Marvel, and others!

It even includes interviews with Bill Mumy (Lost in Space), Ralph Bakshi (The Mighty Heroes, Spider-Man), Ramona Fradon (Metamorpho), Joe Sinnott (The Beatles comic book), Jose Delbo (The Monkees comic book), and many more!

But when May ends, so does this half-price offer, so get yours today! Get it for 50% off HERE!