Podcasting again!

The TwoMorrows Tune-In podcast has been on haitus for a while, as we looked for someone to take it on after the departure of Chris Irving from the company. I’m proud to announce that we’ve got another “Chris” who’s filling the spot admirably; Chris Marshall, who also hosts and produces his own weekly podcast, The Collected Comics Library (www.collectedcomicslibrary.com), one of the most listened to comic book podcasts. Chris brings three years of experience to TwoMorrows, and has been working overtime to make our podcasts something you won’t want to miss.

We’ve got two new episodes available now at:


One features a new interview with Back Issue magazine editor Michael Eury, and the April edition features Write Now! editor Danny Fingeroth, plus other surprises. So tune in today! And look for a new episode the first week of each month.