School daze

Yep, just completed our first week of kindergarten for our eldest daughter Lily (5 at the time, but just turned 6 yesterday). That first day (and some the rest of the week), there was a lot of sobbing and tears over the start of “real” school, as opposed to preschool. No, Lily did just fine (in fact, she frankly loves her new digs); it was mom Pam who was weeping and gnashing. At this school, you just let your child off at the front of the school, while one of the sixth grade boys escorts them in, and helps them find their classroom, which didn’t sit too well with mommy, whose been hand-escorting her into her classroom for the last 3 years. (Gotta admit, the sight of my little girl walking off, hand-in-hand with an older man didn’t exactly thrill me either…)

But, we all got through it, and it’s actually one of the coolest schools we’ve ever encountered, with a lot of parent volunteers helping out (including Pam and me, who’ll soon be doing our part in the school cafeteria a couple of times each month). Pam’s already been recruited to design logos and brochures for the booster club as well, and as several people who have kids there have told us, our involvement with school activities is apparently only beginning.

Next up: carpooling. I’ve got an ample supply of Kleenex ready.