Sinnott in da house!


Just received the final layout for Brush Strokes With Greatness: The Life & Art of Joe Sinnott. Authored by Tim Lasiuta, the book was designed (beautifully, as usual) by Jon B. Cooke. This is a long overdue tribute to a man who many believe is the best inker in comics history. Joe’s also one sweetheart of a guy, who’s never skipped a beat in saying “YES” anytime we’ve asked him for a favor. He is simply “the best.”
Joe’s been through a rough time of late, first with the passing of his wife Betty, and more recently suffering with health problems. I just mailed his copy of the layout to look over, so here’s hoping that’ll boost his spirits a bit. It should; man, what a gorgeous book! It’s got a great overview of Joe’s entire career, which runs from the Golden Age to present, and it is lo-o-o-oaded with amazing art, including a luscious color section of pieces Joe colored himself. Stan Lee provides the introduction, and Mark Evanier the afterword. This one’ll be released right on time in May; might even be a couple of weeks ahead of time, for Free Comic Book Day, if proofreading goes well.