The big bronze Bat

So you say you like Batman—not the sometimes homicidal maniac of today, but the heroic dark creature of the night of the 1970s and early ’80s, before Frank Miller inadvertently changed the course of the character with one (albeit great) “imaginary” tale set 20 years in the future? Is that what’s bothering you, fella?

Well, you’re in luck. BACK ISSUE #50 is a special 50th Anniversary issue spotlighting “Batman in the Bronze Age”, with the entire issue in FULL-COLOR! Editor Michael Eury has got DENNY O’NEIL, NEAL ADAMS, and PAUL LEVITZ discussing Batman in the 1970s and beyond in a “Pro2Pro” roundtable. There’s praise for (and lots of artwork by) JIM APARO, plus Batman’s Unsung Creators (DAVID V. REED, BOB BROWN, ERNIE CHAN, and JOHN CALNAN),the Joker’s Daughter, the Batman Family, Nocturna, Untold Legend of the Batman, and the one that started all the mess, Miller’s Dark Knight. The issue just went to the printer, and should be out at the end of July.

Did I mention it’s ALL FULL-COLOR? And only $1 more than usual; what a bargain!

The Diamond Order Code is MAY111320. And you can download a FREE PDF PREVIEW of the issue RIGHT HERE, right now!