The big Kirby book

While at Book Expo last weekend, I got a chance to stop by the Abrams Books booth to see a preview of Mark Evanier’s upcoming book KIRBY: KING OF COMICS. The dummy copy on display only had about 8 pages of actual content (the rest of the pages were blank–a common practice for exhibiting books that aren’t printed yet at trade shows), but it gives a really nice sneak peak at what looks to be a must-have item for any comics fan, and a great vehicle to teach the rest of the world who Jack Kirby was, and what he contributed to comics, and popular culture in general.

Abrams was giving away full-color posters of the dust jacket, and below is the cover. You can preorder it at now by clicking here. It’s due out in October, and looks to be a bargain at the $40 price.