The TwoMorrows crossover starts today!

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Today, we’re shipping both Alter Ego #136 (a bonus-size $9.95 issue), and Back Issue #85. But astute fans who have seen it are already asking: What in the world is going on with the last two-page spread in each issue?

It’s the start of a top secret, all-encompassing TwoMorrows Crossover that we’ve been planning with all our magazine editors for several months. Each of our November-December releases (even BrickJournal, our LEGO magazine) features a special two-page spread, and they all interconnect to form one massive image, showcasing the efforts of nearly 100 of the comics industry’s top talents!

But what, pray tell, could possibly bring so many people together for this one “jam” project? There’s clues in each new magazine release, in this order:

Alter Ego #136 (out now)
Back Issue #85 (out now)
Comic Book Creator #10 (ships November 25)
Jack Kirby Collector #66 (ships November 25)
BrickJournal #37 (ships November 25)
Draw #31 (ships November 25, and contains a key to who drew what)

And the final, big reveal will be in Alter Ego #137 (shipping in December).

So as they say, “collect ’em all,” join them together, and enjoy!