Trimpe (rhymes with “shrimp-ey”)

trimpe cover concept ver02
That’s how Marie Severin always told people how to pronounce Herb’s last name, so it’s good enough for us!

This July, we’re releasing Dewey Cassell and Aaron Sultan’s labor of love, The Incredible Herb Trimpe, an exhaustive biography of the artist who started work in comics running Marvel’s stat camera, and ended up producing a legendary run on The Hulk, series on licensed characters like G.I. Joe and Transformers and Godzilla, plus work on Captain Britain, Iron Man, Defenders, even Spider-Man. If you’re already familiar with Herb’s work, you know you’ve got to have this full-color hardcover, even without looking at our free preview, just posted. But if you’re not familiar with Herb’s work, take a gander, and I bet you will soon be!