TwoMorrows celebrates Steve Sherman in Jack Kirby Collector #84

From the very beginnings of TwoMorrows Publishing in 1994, Steve Sherman generously offered his time and encouragement to the fledgling Jack Kirby Collector magazine. So I’m thrilled to be able to celebrate my friend’s life and career in TJKC #84, shipping today. Steve was so much more than just Jack Kirby’s close friend and assistant in the 1970s, as you’ll see in this issue, chock full of remembrances by Steve’s family and friends, interviews with Steve, and oodles of memorabilia from Steve’s personal collection, compliments of his wife Diana Mercer.

Steve took a lot of what he learned about storytelling from Jack, and went on to a highly successful career in puppetry for major films and TV shows. And lest you think this issue doesn’t feature enough Kirby to pique your interest, it’s one of the most Kirby art-centric issues I’ve ever produced. See for yourself at the online preview page here.