We, and our website, are back!

After a much-needed holiday break, I got back late yesterday, to a mountain of phone messages and emails. To show you how seriously I took my vacation, I never once logged onto a computer, so didn’t notice that our website was down for the last five days! Webmeister Rand Hoppe was quickly alerted, and took care of the problem, so it’s back up and running. Look for some exciting new developments there over the next couple of weeks.

And thanks for your patience as we get out from under all the accumulate orders and correspondence we’ve got to dig through!

In case you’re curious, vacation took the form of a family get-together in Atlanta, followed by several days in sunny Orlando, Florida (two days of which had temps in the frigid 30s and 40s; sigh). Still, in spite of a couple of cold days, Pam, the girls, and I had a lot of fun. Although I’ve got to say; I much prefer DisneyLAND (in Anaheim, California, which we visit every summer after the San Diego Comicon) to DisneyWORLD in Orlando. DL just seems to try harder; the crowds aren’t as overwhelming, food’s less expensive, employees seem friendlier, restrooms are always immaculate… I dunno, maybe it’s just due to the sheer volume of people that go to Orlando. However, I will say that our dinner with the Disney Princesses at the Norway section of EPCOT was unbelievably entertaining for our three and six-year old daughters. The looks on their faces when Cinderella, Ariel, and others came over and sat down at our table was totally priceless. If you’ve got daughters, definitely check it out if you’re in Orlando. (And the food was fabulous too.)