Welcome to TNT!

After a bit of computer hijinx interfering, we’re finally ready to start blogging! But aren’t there enough blogs out there already? Does the world really care about my life and times? Other than my wife Pam and daughters Lily (5) and Hannah Rose (2), I pretty much doubt it. But my company, TwoMorrows Publishing? Based on my burgeoning e-mail box, that’s something people care about! Thus comes the TNT (TwoMorrows News Today) Blog, giving you all the scuttlebutt on the company that’s celebrating the art and history of comics! I’ll do my best to keep it focused on TwoMorrows’ editors, books, and magazines, along with details about what’s going on with your favorite comics writers and artists—the very people we do our publications about. So sit back, tune in regularly, and let’s have some fun!

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