“What If” Kirby website is live!

Tom Kraft has finally launched his new WhatifKirby website (http://www.whatifkirby.com). Here’s an overview of some of the key features of the new site:

1. An expanded gallery section. Presently over 100 pages of scans from scanning at the many cons Rand and I have attended.

2 Remixed creations. Part of the original WiK website, the creations section’s images are all rescanned and presented in higher resolution and better quality.

3. Membership/Social Media. WiK membership is free. Members can zoom into each piece of comic art in the museum and creations sections at 300% the original size to see extreme detail, click on “Art Zoom” on comic art detail pages. In addition, members can rate and comment on each piece of art. Each member has their own member page to track comments, their rated art and other information.

4. Kirby in Print. Features a large library of Jack Kirby reprint books and publications. You can add your review and recommends or purchase them on Amazon.com.

And plenty more, so check it out!