Where, o’ where has my little blog gone?

I know this forum has been awfully quiet over the last couple of weeks, but for good reason. I’ve been buning the midnight oil getting an awful lot of mags and books to press, which you’ll hear more about shortly. Also, we’ve been getting geared up for the Motor City Comicon in a couple of weeks (May 18-20 in Novi, Michigan), and planning out booth space and what books to bring to the colossal BookExpo in New York on June 1, and the American Library Association conference in Washington, DC at the end of June. Yeah, it sounds pretty boring, but it’s a really necessary part of this publishing gig. Now I’ve just gotta find a few hours to go see Spidey 3 at our local IMax theatre. (Hey, it’s a legitimate business expense…)

Good stuff’s coming; thanks for your patience!