Where, oh where, has my pub-lish-er gone?

Been busy. Mondo busy. Working like crazy to get a huge batch of books and mags (including my own Jack Kirby Collector) to press, and in customers’ hands. Here’s what’s officially in the mail (and stores) now:

Modern Masters Vol. 24: Guy Davis

Sal Buscema: Comics’ Fast & Furious Artist (softcover, hardcover, and the oh-so-rare 52-copy Ultra-Limited Edition, each featuring a custom sketch by Sal; sorry gang, all the Ultra-Limiteds are sold already!)

Jack Kirby Collector #54

Alter Ego #92

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, please be patient. The US Postal Service actually does have a few more pieces of mail to deliver than the ones we just dropped off at our local Raleigh, NC branch. (And man, with the number of pieces we just dropped off, you can believe we high-tailed it outta there after leaving them at the loading dock, lest some disgruntled postal employee decided to get gruntled on us, if ya know what I mean…)

But wait, there’s more! If you order by midnight tonight (and even if you don’t), we’ll be frantically working to get these extra items in the mail, all week long!

Back Issue #39

Modern Masters Vol. 22: Mark Buckingham

What’s that you say? Why is Volume 22 of the Modern Masters series appearing AFTER Volume 24? And what pray tell happened to Volume 23? Some things were meant to be kept a secret from mere mortals, my friend.

Fortunately, this ain’t one of them. See, each of the Modern Masters artists have different schedules, and we work around them as best we can, and still try to keep the series coming out in numerical order. Once in a while, things don’t go as planned, so Bucky’s volume ran a bit later than planned. Guy Davis’ is actually pretty much right on time. And unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts with Darwyn Cooke, we’ve been unable to complete Volume 23 as planned, so we’re having to reschedule it. We hope to have a new release date for the book shortly, so please stay tuned to our website, and thanks for your patience.

Now go order something!