Wherefore art thou, Alter Ego #136 and Back Issue #85 in comics shops?

A lot of patient TwoMorrows customers have been waiting for Alter Ego #136 and Back Issue #85 to arrive at their local comics shop for over a month. Long story short, Diamond Comic Distributors misplaced all the copies we shipped to their warehouse, and they’ve been frantically looking for them ever since. We knew they had to be there somewhere, cause Diamond signed for and accepted the delivery way back in early November. But with all the thousands of items they handle each month, looks like it was our turn to be victim of a glitch in their system.

Well, the good news is that, late last Friday, Diamond finally found them! They’re putting them into the shipping queue this week, and should have them in stores by Dec. 23.

HOWEVER: That’s also the date that Alter Ego #137 (the issue AFTER the one they misplaced) is scheduled to be in stores, right on time. So it’s likely you’ll see two issues appear on the same day. (Which perhaps isn’t the worst thing, since those two AE issues are the first and last parts of our big TwoMorrows magazine crossover, that’s running through all our mags this month, which includes Back Issue #85, Comic Book Creator #10, Kirby Collector #66, BrickJournal #37, and Draw #31, all of which will be on sale in December as well.)

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but at least Diamond found them! Thanks for your patience, everybody.