After a few days with our Internet connection down, and a month dealing with shipping the tremendous number of orders that came in during our 40% off sale, we’re now as caught up as we ever get around Casa de Dos Morrows. If you ordered during the last week of October, we were several days behind on shipping all those sale orders, but you should be getting your order in the mail any day now.

We’re still way behind on email (not like that ever changes), and working overtime to get new publications to press for shipping before the New Year, but thanks for everyone’s patience lately.

Shipping now is Back Issue #52 (in full-color!).

Shipping in the next week or so? The STAN LEE UNIVERSE and BrickJournal #16. (Just waiting on the final delivery schedule from our shipper.)

Going to press this week and next? The Quality Companion (it’s a hum-dinger of a book), Back Issue #53, BrickJournal #17, and Kirby Collector #58 (entitled “Lee & Kirby: The Wonder Years”). If all goes well, you’ll see these for the holidays. Never a dull moment around here for sure, and I’ll be scrambling to get it all done from now till end of November.

And yes, to all who’ve asked, we will be offering some kind of sale on BOOKS in late November, so we can work off all those extra calories we’ll be consuming at Thanksgiving by packing dozens of shipments daily till we’re back down to fighting trim. Details are still being worked out, but the sale should be available in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping; I hate going to shopping malls, so this’ll hopefully give you a simpler way to spend all your hard-earned holiday cash. 🙂