Whirlwind Comic-Con and LEGO events!

The last two weeks have been a frenzy of comics and travel for TwoMorrows! After a full week in San Diego for Comic-Con International, plus a week of va-cay, we’re back in the saddle this week, getting caught up on all the emails, orders, and deadlines that have piled up while we were traveling. Thanks to everyone for their patience while we were away, and for the warm greetings we received at our booth out West!

But lest you think we’re done with conventions for the summer, I say thee nay! This weekend, it’s BrickFair in Chantilly, Virginia, one of our favorite LEGO-related conventions. And simultaneously, we’ll have a booth at BrickFest in Anaheim (CA), where we’ll likewise be promoting BrickJournal magazine to all the LEGO fans on both coasts!

Hope to see you there!