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Digital editions coming!

I hope everyone enjoyed the free digital edition of our magazines that they downloaded over Free Comic Book Day weekend. Now that you’ve seen what all our mags are like, please consider subscribing! And beginning with our July issues, we’ll begin offering digital editions of all our new magazines, at only $2.95 per download (way less than half the price of the printed versions)!

While we kept the file size down on our Free Comic Book Day downloads by using lower-resolution images, for our future digital editions, the images will be much higher resolution and crystal clear (and thus, larger files). Not only that, but our new PDF editions will feature much of the art from our printed magazines’ black-and-white pages in FULL COLOR!

As a special bonus, subscribers to our printed magazines will get FREE access to the digital versions of the issues in their subscription, which will generally be available 2-3 weeks BEFORE copies are even printed. So if you’ve hesitated to subscribe because our mags show up in your local comics shop before they’re in your mailbox, you can now see the whole issue digitally (and in color) weeks earlier, for no extra charge!

We’re offering these digital editions as a test to see if there’s a market for it, not a way to do away with printed magazines. But we’re relying on the honesty of our readers, to NOT share their digital editions with others. We rely on sales from every printed copy and download to keep the magazines going, and if readers illegally share these files with others, the TwoMorrows mags you love so much will cease to be published in any format. So enjoy the files, but make sure you pay for yours!

Free Comic Book Day wrap-up

Now that the dust has settled from last weekend’s Free Comic Book Day, I’m happy to report it appears to have been an overwhelming success for TwoMorrows! We moved tens of thousands of copies of Comics 101, the comics primer we created just for the event. And anyone who couldn’t get a free copy at their local comics shop, was able to get a copy at for only the cost of shipping. All those copies were mailed yesterday, so if you ordered one, it should be in your mailbox soon. (Sorry, now that the event is over, we’ve got to recoup our printing costs for that special publication, so we’re charging $5 plus shipping for the remaining copies; but it’s still a bargain at that price!)

In addition, we offered a free downloadable digital version of each of our magazines, and we had hundreds of people download each one. (For the record, my mag, the Jack Kirby Collector, had the biggest number of downloads; King Kirby still rules!)

I hope your Free Comic Book Day was as eventful as ours. Thanks to everyone who supported us, especially the retailers around the country who took a chance our us. We love ya!

Preview Back Issue #23

Westfield Comics has just posted an online preview of the Gladstone/Disney article from BACK ISSUE #23, so check it out! And if you aren’t familiar with Westfield Comics, they’re a fantastic mail order comics service, that I used to use for all my comics purchases. Great people, great service!

Euryman signs the monkeys!

Back Issue editor Michael Eury will be signing copies of the just-released COMICS GONE APE!, along with BACK ISSUE, at Cosmic Monkey Comics (Hollywood District) in Portland, Oregon this Saturday (Free Comic Book Day) from 12 noon to 3 pm.  The address is 5335 NE Sandy Blvd. in Portland, Oregon.

Also in attendance: Matt Wagner, Steve Lieber, Jeff Parker, Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin, and David Hahn (among others). So if you’re in the area, stop on by!

Free Comic Book Day approacheth

Who says you can’t get something for nothing? On Free Comic Book Day (this Saturday), stop in your local comic book shop and ask for a free copy of Comics 101, our new primer created just for the event. If they don’t have any, then order yours at our webstore by Sunday, and it’ll only cost you enough to cover our printing and postage costs. After Sunday, we’re going to start charging more for it, to help recoup our expenses (but it’ll still be a bargain!).

Also, this weekend only, you can download FREE PDF COMPLETE ISSUES of the following mags, just by logging in and putting them in your shopping cart:

Alter Ego #65
Back Issue #21
Jack Kirby Collector #47
Write Now #14
Draw #12
Rough Stuff #3
Because of contractual obligations, we can only give these away this Saturday and Sunday, and then we’ve got to take them down. So if you’re never sampled all of our mags, here’s your chance to try an ENTIRE ISSUE, absolutely FREE! Go get ’em, and enjoy!

Where, o’ where has my little blog gone?

I know this forum has been awfully quiet over the last couple of weeks, but for good reason. I’ve been buning the midnight oil getting an awful lot of mags and books to press, which you’ll hear more about shortly. Also, we’ve been getting geared up for the Motor City Comicon in a couple of weeks (May 18-20 in Novi, Michigan), and planning out booth space and what books to bring to the colossal BookExpo in New York on June 1, and the American Library Association conference in Washington, DC at the end of June. Yeah, it sounds pretty boring, but it’s a really necessary part of this publishing gig. Now I’ve just gotta find a few hours to go see Spidey 3 at our local IMax theatre. (Hey, it’s a legitimate business expense…)

Good stuff’s coming; thanks for your patience!