Last day for half-price mags, and NEW cheaper international shipping!

Our half-price magazine sale ends tomorrow (Sept. 30), and what a sale it’s been! We put nearly 300 issues at 50% off, and have been overwhelmed with the response (to the point that we’ve been running about a week behind on shipping; we’ve managed to cut it down to about 3 days behind as of this writing, so thanks to all our customers for their patience!).

For a long time, we’ve been hearing from our international customers about how expensive shipping from the US is, but haven’t found a solution. We currently offer First Class Mail International service for packages weighing up to 4 lbs., and anything larger than that has to go by Priority Mail International (which is fast, but much more expensive). That’s all the US Postal Service offered us (they did away with “surface” mail more than a year ago)—or so I thought. A very savvy overseas customer mentioned “M-bags” to me the other day, and I honestly had never heard of them.

After some investigating, I discovered M-bags are ideal for overseas packages weighing at least 11 lbs. (you can ship less than that amount, but you get charged the full 11 lb. rate), and up to 66 lbs. They’re slow (6-8 week delivery, like the old “Surface Mail”), but much cheaper. So now, we’ve got a much less expensive international shipping option for packages larger than 4 lbs.