Our Half-Price Magazine Sale is on!

Now through September 30, virtually ALL of our in-stock magazines are on sale for half-price!

An awful lot of people have enjoyed our magazines over the last 15 years, and this is their chance to fill the holes in their collections without leaving holes in their wallets. By my rough count, there’s well over 200 different issues on sale. So for about the price of the Digital Edition of one of our mags, you can get the print version—and in many cases, you’ll get a Digital Edition thrown in for free.

The sale includes issues of:

Back Issue!
Jack Kirby Collector
Alter Ego
Rough Stuff!
Write Now!
Comic Book Artist

plus other miscellaneous humor and one-shot magazines, each at 50% off cover price. The only magazine-related items excluded from this sale are subscriptions and the most recent and upcoming issues of each magazine. As a bonus, we’ve got a selection of books that are also offered at 50% off during the sale period.

PLEASE: Don’t try to get the sale price by mail order or phone. It’s only valid for orders placed at www.twomorrows.com through the end of September, and does not include shipping costs. (If we have to manually process a zillion orders by mail or phone, we’ll never get them all shipped out, so please order ONLINE ONLY!)

There’s a special “Half-Price Mags” category is listed atop the TwoMorrows’ home page, which includes the issues on sale. So get to it! And enjoy!