Don’t miss our big Kirby Sale, in honor of Jack’s 95th birthday on August 28. All Kirby books and mags are 40% OFF (plus you’ll get 10% off Kirby digital editions).

There’s nearly 70 Kirby-centric titles on sale, including:

• 60 issues of the JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR magazine (including trade paperback collections of the first 30 issues)
• LEE & KIRBY: THE WONDER YEARS (exploring the first decade of the Fantastic Four)
• CAPTAIN VICTORY and SILVER STAR “Graphite Editions” (presenting both epics in their uninked pencil state)
• THE JACK KIRBY CHECKLIST: GOLD EDITION (documenting every published Kirby comic, plus unpublished work, portfolios, and more)
• KIRBY UNLEASHED (a completely remastered Digital Edition of the classic 1970s Kirby portfolio)

You can even pre-order our upcoming Jack Kirby Collector #60 (spotlighting Kirby’s FF work in our new 104-page format) at this discount!

To order from the full list of titles, click on the banner atop our home page.