A Wallace Wood exhibition!

Frederic Manzano over in France writes to let us know the following; wish I could be there for it! If you can, be sure to stop in to see this amazing exhibition of one of comics’ greatest legends, Wallace Wood.

Finally after almost two years of hard work, I’m pleased to announce you the opening of “WoodWork” a huge exhibition consecrated to the art of Wallace Wood.

It will show 225 Original Art pages;

8 complete stories:
– Trial by Arms (TFT #34)
– My World (WS #22)
– There Will Come Soft Rains (WF #17)
– Flesh Garden (Mad #11)
– Prince Violent (Mad #13)
– The Children (WSF #23)
– Flash Gordon and the Space Pirates (Phantom #18)
– To Kill a God (Vampirella #12)

17 Covers and Prints:
– Weird Science #14 & 21
– Mad #28
– Frontline Combat #14
– Daredevil # 9 & 10
– Dynamo #3
– Witzend #4
– Heroes Inc. Presents: #1 & 2(1969 unpublished)
– All-Star Comics #63
– Screw #418
– World of Wood #2 (by Dave Stevens)
– Prints for: Chennault, Concord, Joan of Arc & Adam and Eve

and many other nice pages of the same quality + of course around a 100 comics.

As for the 2009 John Buscema exhibit, I’m doing with Florentino Florez (co-curator of the expo) a full colour 352 pages catalog that will be ready for the opening. It will be written by Bill Pearson, Roger Hill, Jerry Weist and Florentino Florez.

The expo will start in Palma, September 16 and ends November the 7th at the “Casal Solleric” in the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Find included, 4 pics, Cover for the book, Poster for the expo and a pic of the “Casal Solleric” during the 2009 John Buscema Exhibit.