Back from v-a-c-a-tion

Ahh, that word makes me hearken back to my 1980s college days at Auburn University, with the Go-Gos on the radio while I sat at my between-classes job, drawing designs at the local t-shirt shop.

Speaking of vacation, I just got back from taking Pam and the girls to my mom’s house near the Gulf Coast in southern Alabama. My 4-year-old Hannah Rose caught her first fish, as did Pam (Pam wasn’t nearly as excited as HR), and both our daughters got to drive grandma’s boat on the river by themselves (I was sweating it out nervously, but neither daughter hit anyone or anything).

It was a nice bit of R&R after a busy few months—and before the next couple of months, where we’ll have a boatload of new stuff shipping. Here’s what’s about to ship in the next 3 weeks:

Jack Kirby Collector #52
Batcave Companion
Modern Masters Vol. 20: Kyle Baker
Rough Stuff #12
Draw #17
Alter Ego #85
Back Issue #34

Some of those books are shipping way later than scheduled, for various reasons, but we’re getting back on schedule, and heading into the big Summer Crunch (with Comic-Con International just 3 months from now).

We’ve also got a “Last Chance Sale” coming shortly, offering newly found copies of a bunch of long sold-out books, if I can get time to add them to the webstore this week. More on that shortly.

And if you were on Spring Break the last couple of weeks, I hope you had as nice of a time as we did!