Beware Kirby fakes on eBay

I’ve been alerted to several questionable alleged Kirby pencil drawings on eBay in the last few days. All are clearly forgeries to my eye. You might view them and think differently, but I’ve seen an awful lot of real Kirby drawings over the years, including the originals these were swiped/traced from. (One was printed in Steranko’s History of Comics Vol. 1; a Captain America sketch Jack did for Steranko, signed “To my pal, Jim” — on the fake, it just says, “To my pal”.) Several very knowledgeable original art collectors have also agreed they’re fakes.

So before you drop a ton of cash on eBay, look closely. Be careful. And ask around. Email me for an opinion if you like; I’m glad to help. (But with the volume of email I handle each day, I might not be able to get back to you quickly enough if the auction’s about to end, so email me early in the bidding.)

This doesn’t mean the seller is a forger; he/she may believe it’s a legitimate Kirby drawing, and may have purchased it under that belief themselves. But that doesn’t mean you should lose money perpetuating these forgeries.