Captain Victory on temp hold at Image

If you saw Image Comics’ recent hardcover Silver Star volume (collecting all six Kirby issues), you know what a nice job they did representing Jack’s work. I’d been able to send them crisp black-and-white copies of almost all the original art, and the book turned our really beautifully, with great new coloring to make it well worth the cover price.

However, we don’t have nearly as clean art for Captain Victory, and though we sent Image what we had, there’s a lot missing that would have to be rescanned from the printed comics. Since this is a once-in-a-liftime chance to re-present Captain Victory, Image has decided to cancel orders on their upcoming CAPTAIN VICTORY hardcover and resolicit for early 2008. In the meantime, Image is putting out a call to all art collectors who are in possession of Kirby’s original Captain Victory pages. Anyone with access to original CAPTAIN VICTORY artwork is encouraged to e-mail Image Comics via

If you’ve got good repros or originals of CV, send ’em in, so this volume can be as good as it can be!