Da Boyz!

With convention season getting underway in a couple of weeks in the Big Apple, I thought I’d post some mug shots of our editors, so when you’re wandering by our booth, you’ll know who to walk up and talk to (or avoid, depending on your past history, and what we all had for lunch that day).

In order, there’s me, Publisher John Morrow (cause hey, it’s my blog, so I go first). Next is Rascally Roy Thomas, editor of Alter Ego (and comics legend). Also, there’s Michael Eury, editor of Back Issue and writer of our best “Companion” books. Then comes Bob McLeod, famed inker and editor of Rough Stuff. After Bob is Mike Manley, artist extraordinaire and editor of Draw! magazine. And last is Danny Fingeroth, comics writer and editor of Write Now magazine. (He’s in black-and-white because he still hasn’t sent me the color photo I asked for a month ago. And they say artists are the ones who miss deadlines!)

Yes, ladies, these are the kind of men your mom warned you about (assuming she really didn’t want you getting hitched to someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes comics 24/7). All of them (except me) are longtime comics professionals, which is what I think really helps distinguish our mags from others. (Oh, and they’re all really great guys to work with, except that guy in black-and-white; he’ll be great to work with again when I finally get his color photo.)