Vess is in!


Our sample copies of Modern Masters Vol. 11: Charles Vess arrived today. (Our printer sends us a few hot-off-the-press copies, to make sure everything’s right before the big batch gets sent out to comics shops, and to us.) And it’s a good thing they got here when they did. Cause when the samples arrive, I usually go ahead and invoice the copies that stores ordered it from us. (Ahh, yes, part of my glamorous day-to-day existence.)
In doing so today, I spotted a really, really stupid error. On the list I’d previously sent the printer, I’d transposed one customer’s Purchase Order number with the number of copies they ordered, and had told the printer to ship them 521 copies instead of 10!

Luckily, the fine folks at Lebonfon Printing hadn’t quite gotten them all on the trucks yet, so we were able to stop our customer from getting 511 copies too many.

Anyway, the book looks great, and Mssrs. Eric Nolen-Weathington and Christopher Irving are to be commended for the fine job they did. (Oh yeah, that Vess guy probably deserves a little credit too.) We’ll have our copies to ship out next week, and it’ll be in stores on Wednesday, Feb. 28.