Find your perfect COMPANION, on sale at TwoMorrows

Now through October 31, 2009, all our “COMPANION” books are on sale for 30% off. This includes:

All-Star Companion, Volumes 2-4 (by Roy Thomas)
Batcave Companion (by Michael Eury and Michael Kronenberg)
Best of the Legion Outpost (by Glen Cadigan)
Blue Beetle Companion (by Christopher Irving)
Comic Book Podcast Companion (by Eric Houston)
Flash Companion (by Keith Dallas)
Hawkman Companion (by Doug Zawisza)
Justice League Companion (by Michael Eury)
Krypton Companion (by Michael Eury)
Silver Age Sci-Fi Companion (by Mike W. Barr)
Titans Companion, Vol. 2 (by Glen Cadigan)
THUNDER Agents Companion (by Jon B. Cooke)

We’ve also just added a new, lower “flat rate” shipping option for international customers, making it much more economical for overseas readers to place larger orders.

The sale is only valid for orders placed online through the end of October, so click on the huge “COMPANION SALE” banner atop our home page for a listing of the books on sale.