Freight delays on new and upcoming TwoMorrows items

Unfortunately, the continued freight delays worldwide are plaguing our new and upcoming titles. This is resulting in week-to-week adjustment due to the shortage of trucks (and covid-related trucker staffing shortages) within the US. Recent items are arriving up to a month later than scheduled at both TwoMorrows’ HQ, and at Diamond Comic Distributors.

It’s not the fault of our editors, writers, designers, or even me, publisher John Morrow. We’re all continuing to deliver material to press on schedule, but getting it back here from our overseas printers, and waiting on paper shortages at our US printers, is having a domino effect.

We’ve already adjusted our production schedules to allow an extra month lead time (you’ll see items solicited in Diamond’s Previews catalog a month earlier than normal), so we’re getting items to press a month earlier, and that should remedy the problem soon. But for the next month or two, expect to see us having to adjust the ship dates on some items.

You can see the expected ship dates for all our new and upcoming products on our home page. The date is listed under each cover, and we’ll keep those updated as needed.

Thanks to all our loyal customers for their patience!