Jonathan Ross’ Ditko documentary

Finally got to view the “In Search Of Steve Ditko” documentary by British TV commentator Jonathan Ross the other night. Jonathan was kind enough to drop off a DVD of it at our Comicon booth, and I found it immensely entertaining. It was a riveting hour-long look at Ditko’s career that I hope will soon be widely seen in the US. He manages to expose Ditko to the world in a way that’s respectful to comics fans, while keeping it lively enough for the general public to enjoy. I can’t say enough good things about it; you get Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Stan Lee, John Romita, Flo Steinberg, and others on-camera talking about Ditko and his work, and yes, Jonathan does actually go in search of the elusive Mr. Ditko at his New York studio. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but do seek it out if it’s available on YouTube or elsewhere online. (Nice to see Jack Kirby Quarterly‘s Chrissie Harper listed as “Researcher” on the documentary’s credits; near as I could tell, Jonathan got all his facts right on-screen, no doubt largely due to Chrissie’s help.)