Legendary Kirby is on the way!

Whheeeeewwww! I just finished the latest issue of my own mag, Jack Kirby Collector #57, dealing with Kirby’s use of myths and legends in his work. It’s at the printer now, and barring any snags on press, it should debut next month at Comic-Con, and go in the mail right after we return from the West Coast.

This issue actually has quite a bit about Comic-Con in it, including a transcript of Kirby’s panel discussion from the very first full con in 1970. Lots of interesting questions for the “King” there, since he’d just left Marvel to go to DC, and his Fourth World books were about to launch. In hindsight, there’s some pretty telling answers to fans’ questions by Jack.

Of course, I wouldn’t be a publisher if I didn’t state that you can order it (print or digital form) here.