Our new catalog is here!

Our 2011-2012 catalog is now available in both Digital and Print versions! You can download the interactive Digital version right now at:


Once you download it, just click on any item, and you’ll automatically be taken to the correct page on our webstore to order it.

If you’d prefer we mail you a free copy of the Print edition, just go to this link:


Add it to your shopping cart and checkout, and it’ll be on its way to you shortly.

Help us save paper, the environment, and postage: If you’re getting a copy of BACK ISSUE #47, ALTER EGO #101, DRAW #20, or JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #56 by subscription or at your local comic book shop, DON’T ORDER AN EXTRA PRINTED CATALOG! You’ll already be getting a copy of the catalog included with those issues, so no need to order another one. But go ahead and get the Digital version right now if you just can’t wait to see what we’ve got cookin’ for 2011!