TwoMorrows prepping another BrickMagic LEGO Festival

Yep, our BrickMagic LEGO Festival here in Raleigh, NC last year was such a big hit, we’re organizing it again this year over Mother’s Day Weekend (May 5-8)! You can find all the details at, but we’ve just confirmed what our Guest of Honor will be building.

Sean Kenny is a Certified Professional LEGO Builder, of which there are only a handful in the world. He’s also a big supporter and advocate for transportation alternatives—he doesn’t own a car, and he rides a bike to work every day in New York City. As part of his goal of reducing traffic and making streets much safer and more enjoyable for everyone, at BrickMagic he’ll be letting fans of all ages use LEGO bricks to build the gnarliest, worst, clogged up traffic jam in the world, while he adds a FULL-SIZE BICYCLE towering over it, made entirely of LEGO bricks!

I can’t wait to see this thing completed, especially since he only has two days to do it. And based on last year’s “group build”, I think the “traffic jam” that kids will help build may be even more amazing than the bike!