That thing Back Issue do


Okay, my subject title is a nod to Tom Hanks’ charming film That Thing You Do, which is a perennial favorite of mine. But if you’ve seen that film, you know it’s apropos, as the new Back Issue (#71) is all about “Tryouts, One-Shots, and One-Hit Wonders”. We’re talking comics like Marvel Premiere, Marvel Spotlight, Marvel Feature, Strange Tales, Showcase, First Issue Special, and New Talent Showcase. Editor Michael Eury even covers DC’s Dick Tracy tabloid, Sherlock Holmes, and Marvel’s Generic Comic Book one-shots… and do you remember the one-hit wonders Bat-Squad, Crusader, and Swashbuckler? If not, give the ish a try; it’s now shipping from us, and in stores this Wednesday.

And is there a more fascinating artistic style than Arthur Adams’ in comics? Check out that Clea cover!