TwoMorrows Gift Certificates

If you’re like me, every year your family asks you what you want for a Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines, Jack Kirby’s Birthday, etc. present, and you’re dumbfounded to think of something you really, really want.

Problem solved: TwoMorrows is now offering Gift Certificates at, in US denominations of $25, $50, and $100. With all the delectable mags and books we’ve got available now (and coming soon), you’re not going to get that feeling I used to get whenever my aunt would show up for an occasion, and give me a box containing yet another monogrammed windbreaker or blow-dryer hairbrush (hey, this was the Seventies, after all).

Oh yeah. If you’re the generous type, you can actually buy a Gift Certificate to give to someone else. Sometimes that’s nice, too.