Where, oh where has my BrickJournal gone…

Why the long delay between issue #15 and #16 of BrickJournal, our mondo mag for LEGO fans? Well, editor Joe Meno’s not to blame, as he had #16 completed right on time, so it’d ship last July. Unfortunately, our good friends at LEGO went through some major personnel changes in their ordering department, resulting is a really long lag time before they could finally place their order for issue #16 (and without their order, we didn’t know how many copies to print).

I’m delighted to annouce that we just got their order on #16, and it’s off to the printer, and will be shipping November 16. A free preview (it’s an awesome LEGO STEAMPUNK theme; wait’ll you see the Rocketeer minifigure!) is available HERE.

And you can order the issue HERE., either as a single issue, or as a “Brick O’Journals” bundle of 25 copies of the new issue (great for LEGO clubs, school groups, or trick-or-treat giveaways).

Plus: A big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to our buddy Tom (The Comics Savant) Stewart, for again this year manning our table at BrickCon in Seattle, Washington last weekend.