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Gettin’ Introspective about Comics


I’ve been saving this up, and we’re finally ready to announce it. So here’s the official press release:

TwoMorrows Publishing adds a new book series to their ranks this Summer with COMICS INTROSPECTIVE, editor Christopher Irving’s outside-the-box approach to non-mainstream comics talent.

“COMICS INTROSPECTIVE conveys what it’s like to hang out with an indy comics talent,” Irving states. “It’s done with a combination of original photography, multiple art gallery sections, and an introspective dialogue with each subject. Don’t expect a standard retrospective interview with these folks: these are in-depth, casual, yet often hard-hitting conversations that just happen to be documented in book form.”

Inspired by the energy of 2006’s Small Press Expo, Irving decided to take his experience as a historian and journalist (on publications like The Blue Beetle Companion and Comic Book Artist magazine, among others) to produce a series unlike anything being published.

“Too often, people are interviewed about what they’ve done, as opposed to who they are and why they’ve approached their careers and craft the way they have… as well as their theories about the comic book artform,” said Irving. “What I’m going for with COMICS INTROSPECTIVE is a real look inside the minds of these creators so that we can better understand where they’re coming from. Think of it as the book equivalent of kickin’ it at a bar with the likes of Peter Bagge or Dean Haspiel for a few hours.”

In fact, Volume One, to be released this July, spotlights Hate! comics mastermind Peter Bagge in his Seattle studio, and will debut at Comicon International: San Diego, to be followed Volume Two on Billy Dogma creator Dean Haspiel in January. Cartoonist and animator Jay Stephens is set for the third volume, with more to come. Initial plans are for new volumes to be released at least every six months, and printed on glossy stock to maximize the impact of the art and photography. The US cover price for each 128-page volume is expected to be $16.95.

Publisher John Morrow noted, “We’re largely known for the mainstream talent we cover in our publications, but there’s a whole world of fabulous creators whose work goes beyond spandex-clad super-heroes. We really want to get to the core of each talent’s beliefs, and I can’t think of another journalist who could tackle this fresh approach better than Christopher Irving. We want this series to be as breakthrough as the innovators it covers.”

In case you’re wondering, that little cutaway illo of a man’s head is one of Leonardo DaVinci’s medical illustrations. It seemed really appropriate, since we’ll really be getting inside these guys’ (and gals’) noggins. Should be fun!

Giveaway gone away…

Our Alter Ego #64 giveaway is officially over, having blown out 500 free copies in less than a single day. Our new server apparently handled the hugh influx of customers without a hitch (thanks, Rand!). So now all we’ve got  to do it get them all stuffed and mailed before it’s time to leave for the New York Con next week.

Please be patient waiting for your copy to arrive; we ship by Standard Mail, and while that generally gets there within a week, it can take up to three weeks in some of the less populated areas of the US. (And foreign customers, Surface Mail can take up to 6 weeks or more in some cases, so we really appreciate your patience!) Plus, it might take us a day or so to get them all put in envelopes and labeled.
If you missed getting your free copy, stay tuned; I suspect we’ll be having another giveaway right around Free Comic Book Day on May 5.

AE Giveaway At Halfway!


Our giveaway of 500 copies of Alter Ego #64 started at 10am today, and as I write this (just before 1pm), we’re at the halfway point, with 251 copies gone. So if you haven’t ordered yet, it looks like they’ll all be gone by around 5pm (but we’ll leave it going until they’re all gone).

If you noticed our site running kinda slow the last week or so, we were experiencing some weird computo glitches, but webmeister Rand Hoppe transferred our entire site to a new server yesterday, and things seem to be zippin’ along just fine. But let me know if you experience any bottlenecks, and we’ll do our best to correct the problem right away.

Alter Ego giveaway is tomorrow!

Don’t forget: starting at 10am EST on Valentine’s Day, we’ll be giving away 500 copies of Alter Ego #64! So if you’ve never tried Roy Thomas’ long-running magazine, be sure to order your free copy. Just click the banner at the top of our home page (, add it to your shopping cart, and checkout. We’ll ship your copy asap.

If response has our server running a bit slowly, please try later in the day. Don’t worry, it’ll take all day to give away that many copies, based on our past giveaways. Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Vess is in!


Our sample copies of Modern Masters Vol. 11: Charles Vess arrived today. (Our printer sends us a few hot-off-the-press copies, to make sure everything’s right before the big batch gets sent out to comics shops, and to us.) And it’s a good thing they got here when they did. Cause when the samples arrive, I usually go ahead and invoice the copies that stores ordered it from us. (Ahh, yes, part of my glamorous day-to-day existence.)
In doing so today, I spotted a really, really stupid error. On the list I’d previously sent the printer, I’d transposed one customer’s Purchase Order number with the number of copies they ordered, and had told the printer to ship them 521 copies instead of 10!

Luckily, the fine folks at Lebonfon Printing hadn’t quite gotten them all on the trucks yet, so we were able to stop our customer from getting 511 copies too many.

Anyway, the book looks great, and Mssrs. Eric Nolen-Weathington and Christopher Irving are to be commended for the fine job they did. (Oh yeah, that Vess guy probably deserves a little credit too.) We’ll have our copies to ship out next week, and it’ll be in stores on Wednesday, Feb. 28.

Da Boyz!

With convention season getting underway in a couple of weeks in the Big Apple, I thought I’d post some mug shots of our editors, so when you’re wandering by our booth, you’ll know who to walk up and talk to (or avoid, depending on your past history, and what we all had for lunch that day).

In order, there’s me, Publisher John Morrow (cause hey, it’s my blog, so I go first). Next is Rascally Roy Thomas, editor of Alter Ego (and comics legend). Also, there’s Michael Eury, editor of Back Issue and writer of our best “Companion” books. Then comes Bob McLeod, famed inker and editor of Rough Stuff. After Bob is Mike Manley, artist extraordinaire and editor of Draw! magazine. And last is Danny Fingeroth, comics writer and editor of Write Now magazine. (He’s in black-and-white because he still hasn’t sent me the color photo I asked for a month ago. And they say artists are the ones who miss deadlines!)

Yes, ladies, these are the kind of men your mom warned you about (assuming she really didn’t want you getting hitched to someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes comics 24/7). All of them (except me) are longtime comics professionals, which is what I think really helps distinguish our mags from others. (Oh, and they’re all really great guys to work with, except that guy in black-and-white; he’ll be great to work with again when I finally get his color photo.)


Catalogs are here!

As I type this, a very large truck just left TwoMorrows HQ, after dropping off beau coup boxes of our new, handy-dandy, full-color catalog! It’s printed on lucious, glossy stock, with not one, but two—count ’em, two!—shiny new staples holding together all 24 pages of four-color goodness! And what do we charge for all this wonderfulness, you ask? Not $29.95. Not $19.95. Not even $9.95. No, for a limited time only (meaning, until we run out of them), it can be yours for only $0.00.

Yes, you heard right folks, it’s free, free, FREE! And if you order within the next 216,482 minutes (which is about when we’ll be releasing our next catalog), we’ll throw in a mailing envelope, and postage, for no additional cost!
You want more, you say? Well, how about if we throw in a honkin’ big PDF file of it, available for downloading at our website?! Take that, Ron Popeil!
So don’t delay! Order or download it at this link:



Mr. Beau jangles about us

Check it out:

A hearty THANKS to the magnificent Beau Smith, who took time to sing our praises, and to especially laud Back Issue #19. The man has great taste, obviously(!), cause BI #19 is one of the best issues we’ve ever published of anything. Editor Michael Eury and designer Rich Fowlks (and cover designer Robert Clark) all deserve the special attention, as do our regular contributors. It’s hard, hard, hard work putting out a mag like this on any schedule. To do it bi-monthly (without missing a deadline yet, in 20 issues) is even more challenging. And to keep it as entertaining and quality-oriented as you have to in order to get people of Beau’s stature raving about it, is just amazing. Thanks to all you guys for making TwoMorrows look so good!