Back Issue #104 (Fourth World after Kirby) ships today!

Discover the FOURTH WORLD AFTER KIRBY and the evolution of the NEW GODS in BACK ISSUE #104, shipping today!

Explore the enduring legacy of JACK KIRBY’s DC characters: The Return(s) of the New Gods, Why Can’t Mister Miracle Escape Cancellation?, the Forever People, MIKE MIGNOLA’s unrealized New Gods animated movie, the Fourth World in Hollywood, and more. With an all-star lineup, including the work of JOHN BYRNE, PARIS CULLINS, J. M. DeMATTEIS, MARK EVANIER, MICHAEL GOLDEN, RICK HOBERG, WALTER SIMONSON, and more! Cover by STEVE RUDE, re-presenting his variant cover for 2015’s Convergence #6. Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

You can preview the issue, and order HERE!